Mon 27 Jul 2020

20 minutes of fire footage

Premium Content 20 minutes of fire footage

Footage shows the devastation of the fires until demolition.

Fri 24 Jul 2020

Police dog training turned pursuit

Premium Content Police dog training turned...

Around 11.10pm, Police Dog Scud and his handler were carrying out training when they observed a man running along FE Walker Street.

Thu 23 Jul 2020

Demolition of Federal Backpackers, July 23

Premium Content Demolition of Federal Backpackers...

Video showing the continued demolition of the Federal Backpackers building on July 23.

Car towed from morning smash

Premium Content Car towed from morning smash

A car is towed from a morning crash in the Bundaberg CBD.


Premium Content facade

Footage has captured the moment the top of the building facade fell.

Wed 22 Jul 2020

Demolition gear moves in

Premium Content Demolition gear moves in

Gear moves in to start making the Federal Backpackers building more safe.

Fireys talk about demolition

Premium Content Fireys talk about demolition

Firefighter John Pappas discusses the impending demolition of the Federal Backpackers.

Flames at the Federal

Premium Content Flames at the Federal

Flames glow from the Federal Backpackers building.

Tue 21 Jul 2020

Fire is brought under control

Premium Content Fire is brought under control

Crews eventually brought the blaze under control.

Flames take over

Premium Content Flames take over

Flames take over the Federal Backpackers.

Flames start to show

Premium Content Flames start to show

Flames start to overcome the Federal Backpackers building.

Before the flames broke out

Premium Content Before the flames broke out

Before flames became obvious at the Federal, locals and backpackers looked on.

Smoke billows from the Spotted Dog

Premium Content Smoke billows from the Spotted...

Smoke could be seen billowing from the Spotted Dog Tavern before midnight.

Flames at the Federal Backpackers

Premium Content Flames at the Federal...

Flames can be seen at the Federal Backpackers 12 hours after fireys received the call.

Fireys spray water on buildings

Premium Content Fireys spray water on buildings

Fireys spray water on buildings.

Aftermath of blaze

Premium Content Aftermath of blaze

Video captures the scene after a blaze tore through the Spotted Dog and the Federal Backpackers.

Federal Backpackers burns

Premium Content Federal Backpackers burns

Spotted Dog and Federal Backpackers burn down.

Mon 20 Jul 2020

Shoplifting caught on CCTV

Premium Content Shoplifting caught on CCTV

David Kidd has shared more shoplifting footage on social media.

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