Postie led police to man who mailed himself marijuana

A POSTAL worker with a nose for marijuana led police to a Toowoomba man who had posted the drug to himself through the mail.

Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard Benjamin Robert Collins had been visiting a family member in Sydney when he acquired some marijuana.

Not wanting to transport the drug back to his home on the Darling Downs, the 38-year-old placed the 9g of green leafy material between cardboard and posted the envelope to himself, the court heard.

However, a postal worker noted the strong smell of marijuana when sorting the mail and notified police who opened the envelope to discover the stash, police prosecutor Senior Constable Des Neijens told the court.

When spoken to by police, Collins admitted he had posted the drug to himself for his own personal use, Snr Const. Neijens said.

Collins pleaded guilty to possessing a dangerous drug.

His solicitor Nathan Bouchier told the court his client had no criminal history whatsoever and was not a regular user of the drug.

His client had been caught under the provisions of Queensland's Drugs Misuse Act by attempting to possess the drug in Queensland, Mr Bouchier submitted.

Magistrate Damian Carroll placed Collins on a four-month good behaviour bond to include a drug diversion counselling session and ordered the conviction not be recorded.