'YOU'RE FULL OF IT': Magistrate to repeat unlicensed driver

A MAGISTRATE has told a repeat unlicensed driver they were "full of it" after the man pleaded guilty to three driving offences at Gayndah Magistrates' Court on Friday.

Ashley John Lammonde faced the court on one count of driving an uninsured vehicle, one count of driving a motor vehicle without a licence, and one count of driving an unregistered vehicle.

Representing himself, Lammonde pleaded guilty to the three charges.

Lammonde had previously been convicted of unlicensed driving in 2014, and still had outstanding fines with the State Penalty Enforcement Registry when he was pulled over by police on April 21 this year.

Police prosecutor Kathryn Stagoll said when Lammonde was pulled over outside his residence, he stated he "did not have a licence, had never held a licence, and needed to drive to get to work and out of town".

When police ran a registration check on the vehicle, they found the car was unregistered, and the registration plates did not belong the the vehicle.

Lammonde admitted to the police he had recently purchased the car with the plates attached, and had not registered it in his name.

Magistrate Terry Duroux warned the defendant he was unable to drive while he still had unpaid fines.

"Until you fix your SPER debt, you cannot drive," Mr Duroux said.

When asked why he hadn't settled his SPER debt, Lammonde claimed he was "too busy".

This response raised the ire of Mr Duroux, who said Lammonde was "full of it," and dared the defendant to "give me another excuse".

Lammonde was convicted on all three counts, received a mandatory three-month loss of licence, and was fined a total of $1335.

If Lammonde defaults on the fine payments, he could face up to 13 days in prison.