‘You’re f---ing me around, I’m going to kill you’

NEW father Teivavai Isaia-Teaurere could be deported to New Zealand over a bungled armed robbery earlier this year.

Teaurere, now 21, was locked out of a White Rock BWS liquor shop on January 14 after a "ham-fisted" attempt to rob the store of grog, cigarettes and cash.

While in custody six months ago he missed the birth of his first child.

Teaurere pleaded guilty to armed robbery - but though released on parole he is now in danger of being deported.

"You face possible deportation back to New Zealand," Cairns District Court Judge Anthony Rafter said.

"You came here when you were nine years old."

The court heard Teaurere had cased the Progress Rd shop during the day and returned at 9.40pm disguised by a hooded jumper and hat.

When he was asked for ID by the attendant, he brandished a machete and demanded access to the shop safe. He was heard to threaten the man as he fumbled the safe's pin code, saying "You're f---ing me around, I'm going to kill you."

Teaurere's robbery came to an abrupt end when he stepped outside and was locked out of the shop.

Tim Grau, defending, said his client was let down "by his own stupidity."

"It was quite ham-fisted in its operation," Mr Grau said.

"He was thwarted by his own poor management."

Teaurere has spent 247 days in custody since the raid. Judge Rafter sentenced Teaurere to three years in jail but released him on parole.