YOUR SAY: Rights stripped

NOW is your chance to have your say and speak out against the Palaszczuk government's proposed changes to land clearing laws.

The Palaszczuk government's rollback of the LNP's sensible changes to the vegetation management framework in 2013 will remove property rights, reduce the productivity of the agricultural sector and threaten jobs in regional communities.

Landholders need to be aware that Labor's proposed amendments are more extensive and aggressive than simply overturning the LNP's 2013 changes.

The Palaszczuk government plans to repeal the important high value agriculture pathway to development, threatening to bring Queensland's agriculture sector and future economic growth in regional Queensland to a screaming halt.

Freehold landowners will be stripped of their right to manage regrowth and amazingly, landholders will also be considered guilty until proven innocent, as Labor proposes to reinstate the reversal of the onus of proof for alleged offences under the Act.

A public hearing on the matter will be held in Bundaberg today at the Civic Centre, from 11.30am.


Member for Burnett