Prince Phillip’s behaviour in Sleeping Beauty is ‘obscene’
Prince Phillip’s behaviour in Sleeping Beauty is ‘obscene’

YOUR SAY: Disney princes are not 'sexual predators'

CHRONICLE readers did not react well to the suggestion Disney princes are sexual predators who harass women.

Kazue Muta, an Osaka University professor and author of Sir, That Love Is Sexual Harassment!, a book on workplace sexual harassment, argued in December that princes from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty portray "quasi-compulsive obscene sexual acts on an unconscious partner".

In a December 11 tweet, Muta accused the princes of sexual assault with a link to a news story of a real case where a man was arrested for kissing a sleeping woman on a train en route to Osaka.

Muta argued that if someone doesn't look at the fairytales critically, they are essentially saying sexual harassment is permissible.

Muta's comment brought a firestorm of reaction - both support and criticism.

But many Chronicle readers, including Sallie Cook, strongly disagreed with her point of view.

"That is what this disgusting planet's level has stooped to," she wrote.

"These are called fairy tales and they are supposed to bring joy and fantasy into kids lives.

"Kids are not supposed to know about sexual harassment and assault, I love watching these movies still cos it takes me away from reality and to a happy place.

"This planet is perverted and disgusting.

 "Taking away fantasy and innocence is a crime."

Jamie Albion asked if the article was a joke, adding that raising awareness about domestic violence might be of more merit.

Paul McKenzie said it was just a children's fairy tale.

Therese Jones said the notion was "ridiculous" and Louisa Rondinella said we need to stop destroying childhood imagination.