GYPSY N FOLK: New owner Jame Straker wants people to feel comfortable whilst exploring healthy food.
GYPSY N FOLK: New owner Jame Straker wants people to feel comfortable whilst exploring healthy food. Contributed

Businesswoman has big ideas for Gypsy N Folk

GYPSY N Folk has a fresh face and even fresher ideas to match.

New owner, 20-year-old Jame Straker wants to bring the cafe and clothing store to the next level by introducing trendy food ideas and new clothing labels into the shop.

She said she wanted to create a space for diversity and acceptance, while having a focus on health.

"Health is very important and it has definitely been my passion for years, but a life with balance, to me, is what is truly 'healthy'," Ms Straker said.

"I think being healthy these days is trendy in a positive way but also a destructive way - in my teens I struggled with anorexia, always striving for such optimum health that I became fearful of food in general."

She has so many ideas for Gypsy N Folk and is eager to set things in motion, so much so that her dad told her she needed to slow down.

Jame said residents should keep an eye out over the next few months as her fresh concept for the cafe starts to take shape.

"My vision is to continue growing - I want to re-brand and repaint," she said.

A new addition for the future will be a create-your-own toast bar for breakfast and lunch with your choice of toppings and locally-sourced authentic sourdough from micro-bakery The Pocket Storehouse.

Drinks are set to get fancy with Ms Straker's idea to keep up with current beverage trends such as cold-drip coffee and mushroom elixirs.

"I also have healthy - and naughty - cakes and treats," she said.

The urbanised-concept brings a slice of the big city to Bundaberg and offers locals a fresh perspective on healthy eating.

"I want this space to be somewhere people can understand that it's okay to be gentle on yourself and simply enjoy your life and your body," Ms Straker said.

The young businesswoman has grown up working in a variety of cafes around town including Sea Breeze Cafe and Indulge, giving her the chance to harness her passion and inspire her to build her own cafe.

Ms Straker said her partner, 24-year-old Matt Twyford, provided the extra push she needed to kick-start her business and was insightful in this area as he has his own business - Twyford Electrical.

She's eager to start switching things up, with renovations beginning over the coming weeks as well as new clothing lines and health products for sale in the store.

"I am so grateful for this time and space and I hope Bundaberg enjoys it as much as me."