Rolf Harris.
Rolf Harris. INM

You won't believe what they found in Rolf's cell

CONVICTED pedophile Rolf Harris has reportedly been caught with porn magazines in his prison cell. 

The 86 year-old former children's entertainer who is presently serving a six year sentence for a string of underage sex assaults was allegedly seen trading cigarettes for the seedy mag stash. 


Rolf Harris outside the court during his trial.
Rolf Harris outside the court during his trial. INM


Harris initially told the guards he was using the magazines to study the feminine form for artistic purposes, the Daily Star reports.

The one-time Australian icon who is serving his sentence in Stafford Prison in the British midlands has reportedly been told he will lose his privileges - including a job teaching other prisoners art - if his behaviour continues. 


Last month it was reported Harris is an unpopular prisoner due to his tendency to fart in public.