Nude cleaning’s seedy underbelly

WARNING: Graphic content

NAKED cleaners are being pressured into sex acts with clients despite the services advertising themselves as strictly above board, an undercover investigation has revealed.

‘They may prefer to watch you and masturbate.’
‘They may prefer to watch you and masturbate.’

In an article for, freelance journalist Samantha Rea posed as a prospective cleaner for Peterborough-based agency Bare Domestic, one of a growing number of naked cleaning services charging around $35-an-hour for women to clean clients' houses topless, in lingerie or entirely naked.

"I will need you to undress at the interview. Is that OK? I know it sounds a bit silly, but we will need to role-play a bit," the company's owner John told Rea in an email.

According to the article, Bare Domestic's website - which has since been taken down - stated that the number one rule is "do not ask for or expect sexual services from your cleaner".

Its FAQ section further included the statement, "Can I ask for extras? No, please don't. Our ladies are not escorts and will be very offended if you ask."

But according to Rea, John told her of an additional service offered to clients called "Nude Plus", which costs $132 an hour.

"You may OFFER to help them c**," he said in an email. "You only offer this because they may prefer to watch you and masturbate themselves."

Rea said she was told to allow two hours for her interview so they could "role-play every aspect of the services offered".

Bare Domestic is understood to offer additional services.
Bare Domestic is understood to offer additional services.

Rea said she came across the ad for Bare Domestics on classifieds site Craigslist, along with agencies in at least three different cities and around 30 ads placed by individual men looking for naked cleaners.

She interviewed a number of the men who posted the ads, including Clive, a 56-year-old from Oxford who advertised for a "a young lady to do some cleaning either nude or in her underwear".

Clive said his ideal age range was 18 to 25. "I prefer my ladies slim and petite, preferably young," he said.

He said he offered $88 for vacuuming, dusting and ironing if they did it in their underwear and $141 if they did it nude.

"The purpose of them being there nude is for me to watch," he said. "I wouldn't follow them around, but if they're ironing, I'd sit there watching" and "sometimes I take it further".

"I've had the odd escort in years gone by, but I prefer somebody who's never done it before, who doesn't do it for a living," he said.

He told the journalist how that day he had had a two-hour booking with a university student.

"She said she was 20 but I think she was a bit younger than that," he said.

"She was obviously very hard up. It's expensive round here, and she's looking for a part-time job, but they only pay peanuts."

He convinced her to take off her underwear for "the extra money".

"One thing led to another and we had sex on the bed. She didn't ask for any more [than the naked cleaning rate] and I never offered any. I would've given her a bit more if she'd asked."

Rea also spoke to a naked cleaner, a 29-year-old single mum called Sarah, who said she first got into it after someone "joked about [it] in a passing comment". "I thought, you might be joking, but I can make money from that," she said.

She said one of her clients had followed her around the house and tried to take photos of her, pestering her for sexual services and repeatedly asking her to bend over.

"I told him I'd do it when I need to pick things up," she said. "I told him I'm here to clean."