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Xbox One in surge over PlayStation

THE Xbox One has finally sold more than the PlayStation 4 in a month, as it became the most popular console in the UK and the US in November.

Microsoft has been aggressively discounting and marketing the console, and bundling it with a range of games and other products, in an attempt to win gamers around from the PS4, which has beaten the Xbox One on sales in almost every month since they were released.

It also dropped the mandatory Kinect, which helped discount the version of the console without it and got rid of the accessory that many gamers said had put them off Microsoft's console.

The tactic seems to have paid off in November, as Xbox said that it had sold 1.2 million consoles last month.

The exact number of sales of PlayStations is unknown, so it's unclear whether Xbox won in November by a lot or a little. But it's the first month bar one that it's beaten Sony - and Microsoft will hope to keep up the momentum as Christmas nears.