Bundaberg's Wyatt Reynolds has signed for the Canterbury Bulldogs for their Canterbury Cup campaign for this year.
Bundaberg's Wyatt Reynolds has signed for the Canterbury Bulldogs for their Canterbury Cup campaign for this year.

Wyatt’s dreams are getting closer

LEAGUE: "You don't realise until you get closer to your goal just how hard you have to work for it."

Bundaberg's Wyatt Reynolds is inching closer to his goal of playing in the NRL.

But he like others are now playing the waiting game to get back on the field because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Reynolds has signed for the Canterbury Bulldogs afer a three year stint at the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

The former Past Brothers junior, 21, helped the Falcons last year to win the Hastings Deerings Colts title against the Wynnum-Manly Seagulls last year but got injured during the decider..

His season was recognised with Reynolds named as the best forward for the Falcons for the competition.

That got the Falcons insterested and the Bulldogs, who got his services.

Much like in 2016 when he had the same choice between the Melbourne Storm and the Bulldogs.

On that occassion he took the Storm opportunity, through the Falcons, but this time he's going on a differennt path.

"I wasn't too sure what I was going to do," Reynolds said.

"I got the Falcons offering me a spot in their Cup (Intrust Super Cup) team on the coast.

"But then Steve Price from the Bulldogs said to come and do an NRL pre-season at the Dogs."

Reynolds took the offer at the Bulldogs and hasn't looked back.

He trained well and was rewarded with a spot in their Canterbury Cup team, which is one belore the NRL team.

He made his debut against Parramatta but only lasted 17 minutes.

"I broke my hand," Reynolds revealed.

"The Dogs got me in pretty quick for surgery, six screws in my hand.

"I'm good to go right now, they've (Bulldogs) been putting me through rehabilitation."

The coronavirus pandemic has helped Reynolds get through his injury.

But it has ruined his chances of playing this year in the Cup with the Canterbury Cup cancelled.

Reynolds is back on the Sunshine Coast so he can visit his family while the borders are shut but will return to Canterbury once it is clear for him to do so.

"The Dogs had got me a job but the Queensland Government were going to close down the borders," he said.

"The Dogs said I was better to be with my family so that's what I did."

Reynolds has not regretted his decision once and despite the uncertainty over what is going to happen, he says it is the best pathway for him to make it to the NRL.

"It's a lot easier for them to see me as I'm part of their one club," he said.

"It's easier being in this system than one in Queensland which has clubs connected to NRL sides.

"No doubt both competitions are very strong but down in NSW the players we play are in the NRL or more experienced."

Reynolds added he has been welcomed to the club with welcome arms.

"It's unreal," he said.

"These are the types of blokes, like Dylan Napa, that I've looked up to.

"Josh Jackson is 10 times a better bloke in real life than what you see.

"He took me out to lunch and welcomed me in, and they are the kind of people that make the transition worth it."

Reynolds is currently training on the Sunshine Coast waiting for his chance to play again.