TWO Woodgate women, Amanda Degroot and Belle Parker, have spoken to media as they wait to find out if and when they'll get back into their home. 

"We went out this morning because we live in Woodgate and came to get back to Woodgate and get told we can't get back into Woodgate because it's closed with this lovely fire that's formed - it's quite nerve-wracking...," Ms Degroot said. 

"If we lose anything we'll be knackered."

The women described the scene as scary, confronting and surreal.

"It's surreal like you're somewhere else," she said. 

Amanda Degratt and Mel Parker talk as they wait on Woodgate Road.
Amanda Degratt and Mel Parker talk as they wait on Woodgate Road.

"I've never seen anything like this or been in anything like this," Ms Parker said. 

The women said they knew friends who were stuck in Woodgate, who couldn't come out. 

"We've got four families that are stuck in there at the moment that can't get out, and two of them have got kids on this side in school," Ms Degroot said. 

"All we can do is watch and wait and see what happens hopefully we can get through and if we have to evacuate again well we'll evacuate."

Ms Degroot said she was worried about her husband's late parents' family photos and medications. 

The women said they were hopeful the fire would move towards the bush and away from homes, as they had no contents insurance.