Woman’s uterus removed in ‘unnecessary surgery’



A GOLD Coast woman is devastated after a hospital misdiagnosis resulted in an unnecessary hysterectomy and three-month delay in getting cancer treatment, according to court documents.

Angela Zacher is claiming more than $180,000 in compensation in damages from the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service after the alleged bungle in 2017.

The 57-year-old went to the Gold Coast University Hospital for further tests after a pap smear came back with abnormal cells in March 2017, documents filed in the Southport District Court allege.


The court documents allege that in May 2017 the tests came back to show she had abnormal cells which are often associated with a chronic infection.

It is alleged a complete hysterectomy was recommended.

Ms Zacher underwent the hysterectomy in August 2017.

The court documents state that tests following the hysterectomy found cancerous cells and that Ms Zacher was told "a hysterectomy was not optimal treatment for this condition".


It is alleged in the court documents the hospital was negligent by misdiagnosing Ms Zacher's condition, "providing inappropriate treatment", delaying the treatment of her cancer and "subjecting (Ms Zacher) to a major and unnecessary surgical procedure".

"A second deeper biopsy should have been performed after the first biopsy results came back as precancerous, which would have revealed the extent of her cancer," the court documents said.

Ms Zachers claims if a second biopsy was done it would have revealed she had cancer. Photo: Iain Curry / Sunshine Coast Daily
Ms Zachers claims if a second biopsy was done it would have revealed she had cancer. Photo: Iain Curry / Sunshine Coast Daily

The documents also allege the cancer treatment should have started immediately, there was a delay of three months and Ms Zacher "underwent an unnecessary hysterectomy".

It is alleged because of the hospital's negligence Ms Zacher had to undergo "the trauma and pain of unnecessary surgery", suffered early onset menopause, higher risk of organ prolapse, psychological injuries and delay in her cancer treatment.

"The pain and discomfort impact on her amenity of life, in that she is less social, less active and her relationship with her husband is strained," the documents said.

"She requires ongoing medication to alleviate the side effects of surgery.

"She was distressed by the delay in her cancer treatment."

It is alleged Ms Zacher will require at least three hours a week in assistance for the rest of her life and will require ongoing psychiatric care and medical monitoring.

The Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service declined to comment while the matter is before the court.

Originally published as Woman's uterus removed in 'unnecessary surgery'