IN COURT: A woman has received a fine and probation after evading a taxi fare in South Kolan.
IN COURT: A woman has received a fine and probation after evading a taxi fare in South Kolan.

Woman’s taxi ride becomes costly after evading fare

A WOMAN has been ordered to 12 months probation after what became a costly cab ride home.

Julie Margaret Nebe pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday to evading a taxi fare, public nuisance and breaching bail.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland told the court on Thursday night, Nebe took a taxi from Bundaberg and asked the driver to take her to an address in South Kolan.

When they arrived Nebe then asked him to take her to another three.

When the driver asked if Nebe had any money to pay for the fare, she said she didn't.

Sen Const Bland told the court the driver then took her to the South Kolan Hotel Motel where she evaded her $98.80 taxi fare.

She then began walking in circles and yelling in gibberish and a man who worked at the Hotel tried to calm her down.

Concerned neighbours were woken by the noise and called police saying the woman appeared to be drug or alcohol affected.

Sen Const Bland told the court when police arrived Nebe was unable to answer their questions as she was drug affected.

Checks also found Nebe was in breach of her bail condition by not living at her bail address in Tamaree.

Nebe told police at the Bundaberg Watch House she was in Bundaberg couch surfing so she could look after her sick father.

Sen Const Bland told the court Nebe admitted to police she was a drug user.

Nebe's lawyer, Barrister Craig Ryan, told the court Nebe's father lived in the South Kolan area and that she was in Bundaberg to look after him.

Mr Ryan said he was instructed that Nebe had argued with her father prior and turned to drugs when she was stressed.

He said Nebe accepted that she needed to address her drug issues.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account Nebe's plea of guilty when sentencing.

Mr Moloney said Nebe put herself in jeopardy of spending actual time in custody for breaching her suspended sentence.

"You were grossly intoxicated and made a nuisance," he said.

Mr Moloney said he hoped she would take the opportunity he was giving her to get address her drug issues.

Nebe was ordered to 12 months probation and also had her suspended sentence extended for a further six months.

For the evade offence Nebe was fined $150 and ordered to pay $98.80 compensation.

A conviction was recorded.