Ella Bray is hoping to set up a strip club in Bundaberg.
Ella Bray is hoping to set up a strip club in Bundaberg. Contributed

Woman wants to open adult nightclub in Bundy

A BUNDABERG woman who runs an online business providing strippers in the region is wanting to open a venue in the city.

Ella Bray, 24, said as a single mum she wanted to prove that young women could make it in the business world.

She said life experiences had pushed her to chasing her dreams and smashing goals.

"(I'm) living my life how I have always wanted to. I'm currently a dancer also in Brisbane city," she said.

"I still have a lot of learning to do which I'm willing to learn and take on new responsibilities to get myself where I need to be in life. everyone has to start somewhere.

"I had a child at 19 years old which held me back from pursuing my dreams where now I'm ready to pursue my dreams and show the world anything is possible it all comes down to the power of our minds when we want something."

Ms Bray said she believed an adult venue in the city would improve the region, which she said was in need of more activities for people aged 18 through to their 40s.

"I want to boost Bundy up instead of catering to the older people," she said.

"I'm starting off online at the moment and once that takes off we'll be taking it to the streets."

Ms Bray said she was providing both male and female performers and was taking time setting up her idea.

"I don't want to spend my life building someone else's career," she said.

"I am hoping it will be up and running by the start of next year."

Ms Bray said she was still deciding whether to work with a pre-existing venue or whether to have a new nightclub built.

She said she would still need to go through approval processes with the council in order to see her dream become a reality.