IN COURT: Kelly Rose Rogan.
IN COURT: Kelly Rose Rogan.

Woman fined $500, told to make better life choices

A WOMAN has been warned to get her life back on track, after she appeared in court for drug related offences.

On February 5, police executed a search warrant at a home where Kelsey Rose Rogan lives and found multiple drugs and utensils to be in her possession.

The prohibited items which were found in Rogan's bedroom included a brass pipe, two glass pipes, three cup straws, clip seal bags and a water pipe, which had been used to smoke cannabis.

Rogan's criminal history consists of mostly drug related offences, with convictions recorded in 2016 and last year.

When asked to explain her actions, Rogan told the court she was influenced by family members and friends.

She said the first offence in 2016 occurred with her mum and the second incident happened when someone on the run was staying with her and his belongings including drugs and a weapon were found in a backpack, which was located in her bedroom.

Rogan said the recent incident occurred when her sister and nephew were staying with her and dealing drugs to friends.

She said while the MDMA did not belong to her, she pleaded guilty to the charge as the drug was discovered in her bedroom.


IN COURT: Kelly Rose Rogan.
IN COURT: Kelly Rose Rogan.


Magistrate Andrew Moloney said while he understood Rogan's history of offences have involved family, she needed to start making her own choices.

"You can't keep coming to court saying you were doing this because others were doing this around me or I didn't tell them to leave," he said.

"You're a grown woman and you should take control of your surroundings and if your relatives are behaving in a way that is not appropriate to you, you need to tell them to stop."

"Fines are still appropriate but with that warning I've just given you, try to get that aspect of life out of yours."

Rogan was charged with possessing dangerous drugs and utensils which had been used.

She was fined $500 fine and all utensils were forfeited for destruction. Convictions for the charges were also recorded.