PROBATION: Christine Ellen Drury was fined $1200 in Bundaberg Magistrates Court.
PROBATION: Christine Ellen Drury was fined $1200 in Bundaberg Magistrates Court. contributed

Woman on probation busted with drugs by police

A WOMAN who failed to "take advantage” of her probation and was busted with drugs has been slapped with a $1200 fine in court.

Christine Ellen Drury pleaded guilty to five charges in Bundaberg Magistrates Court today.

Charges included failing to appear, possessing utensils or pipes, possessing dangerous drugs and contravention of a probation order.

The court heard Drury had failed to show up to a court date saying she "couldn't make it” that day.

But when police conducted a search of Drury's unit, they found drugs and utensils in plain sight.

Police prosecutor Sergant Dean Burgess said police found 3g of marijuana, an MDMA tablet and various "utensils” at Drury's home.

"She said she used it to grind up cannabis,” Sgt Burgess said.

Sgt Burgess said he didn't know if fining Drury would "make a difference”.

"It's not straightforward, because she's had options of the court,” he said.

Sgt Burgess submitted a period of imprisonment would be appropriate for Drury.

But defence barrister Matt Messenger said his client was "a person who can work and achieve things when she put her mind to it”.

"She was the eldest of six kids... her stepfather was an abusive drunk and used drugs... (so) the home environment was not good,” Mr Messenger said.

"All she wanted to do was leave home.”

But Magistrate Woodford was not convinced.

"The problem is she didn't do anything at all,” Mr Woodford said.

"No phone contact, and her address was essentially a vacant block.

"She's had that chance (for probation).

"You were placed on probation in May 2018, you haven't dealt with any of your problems and didn't respond to it at all... now its on you.”

He fined Drury $1200 and sentenced her to three months' imprisonment, wholly suspended for 12 months.