The woman says she’s ‘extremely disappointed’ in Coles.
The woman says she’s ‘extremely disappointed’ in Coles.

Piece of metal found in Coles pork

A QUEENSLAND woman who says she found a metal object in a piece of Coles-branded pork is "extremely disappointed" in the company's response to "to such a large safety violation".

The alleged shopper posted her frustration to the supermarket giant's Facebook page with a photo of the unwanted item she says was lodged inside the pork sirloin.

The meat was allegedly bought in Brisbane's northern suburbs at Mango Hill.


‘I was extremely disappointed in your response today to such a large safety violation,’ the Facebook user said.
‘I was extremely disappointed in your response today to such a large safety violation,’ the Facebook user said.


The woman says in the post she had received a call from a Coles customer care team member after lodging a complaint with the company.

"After answering a series of further questions in regards to the foreign matter found in our food, I was advised that our concern could take up to six weeks to be investigated and that they were unsure if anyone would recall this item in the meantime," she wrote.

"I was extremely disappointed in your response today to such a large safety violation, you were informed about this on Tuesday morning.

"I would have thought at the very least you would inform the public that a metal object or nail has been found in the Coles brand pork sirloin and that further investigations were continuing into this matter.

"It's clear that the nail or metal item has broken off something, I hope other parts are not found or worse consumed since you haven't mentioned it anywhere or recalled the item."

Many Facebook users expressed disgust in the find.

"That's scary," said one.

"They are quick onto the concerns about needles in strawberries but not too concerned about large metal fragments in packaged meat," said another.

When the Coles social media team responded to the post, ensuring the company would follow up on the issue, one Facebook user said "that's always the automatic response Coles give".

The supermarket chain responded, "We can assure you that we reply to all customers personally."

Other users on the social media site questioned why Coles would trigger a recall over the piece of metal being found in the meat.

"Common sense dictates this wouldn't be something that has happened repeatedly, so until further complaints are received of the same nature, they wouldn't recall products based off one complaint," one person said.

Another said, "You do realise they can't recall a whole product line from every store based on one issue a customer has found?"

A Coles spokesperson told the company had taken steps to deal with the issue.

"Coles takes the quality of all our products seriously and has spoken to the customer to follow up their complaint," the supermarket chain said.

"As always, we encourage customers to return any item they're not 100 per cent happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement."

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