LETTER TO HISTORY: Annette Baldwin jumped at the chance to own the iconic post office.
LETTER TO HISTORY: Annette Baldwin jumped at the chance to own the iconic post office.

Annette buys the post office where her parents fell in love

GROWING up, Annette Baldwin would hear the story of how her mum and dad first fell in love at the Yangan Post Office.

She never dreamt she would one day own it.

Mrs Baldwin, daughter of top Test cricket umpire Lou Rowan, recently took over the head role at the retro post office.

Lou met Mrs Baldwin's mother, Isabel, when he started in 1950 as Yangan's newest police constable and hit it off with the postal worker.

Despite never living in Yangan herself, when the post office went up for sale, Mrs Baldwin jumped at the opportunity to move into the spot which held so much of her family's history.

"When the place came up, it just fell together for us," Mrs Baldwin said.

"My hubby needed a change in scenery and a change in lifestyle. A slow change. "

It also seemed that postal work was a family trait she couldn't shake.

Apart her mum Isabel, her younger sister also worked at Australia Post, as did Mrs Baldwin for 30 years.


In July, she finally retired, though not for long.

"I must have gotten bored," she laughed.

According to Mrs Baldwin, it was the opportunity to be among a tight-knit community that reeled her back.

"It's about the people. To me, it's still a people thing," she said.

"There's a lot of (talking about your day) here. The post office is still a big part of the community.

"Busier places don't have the time to talk as much."

Taking over from longtime owner Dearn Hughes, Mrs Baldwin said Yangan could be ensured their iconic post office was in safe hands.

"It's been here since 1912, it's got that bit of history, and it's lined with a few photos from then," she said.

"They'll be staying for sure."