7pm: CORONER David O'Connell has released CCTV footage showing Shandee Blackburn walking home from work the night she was stabbed to death on Boddington St.

Police pieced together the compilation to show the movements of the 23 year old, a vehicle of interest before and after the offence, and a dark running figure.

The footage starts with shots of the 23 year old leaving Harrup Park Country Club just before midnight on February 8, 2013.

She can be seen wearing a dark uniform and carrying a white handbag, which has never been found.

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The footage then cuts to a camera at Mercy College on Juliet St.

The next clip shows a compilation of shots one of which shows a vehicle of interest, a white ute, driving down 12th Lane next to the United Petrol Station.

The ute is then captured on a CCTV camera atop the Outlaws motorcycle gang club house at 12.08am.

At 12.12.48am Shandee is seen walking on Juliet St. This is the last time she was seen alive.

The inquest continues tomorrow.

Shandee Blackburn’s ex-partner was acquitted of her murder.
Shandee Blackburn’s ex-partner was acquitted of her murder.

4.20pm: MINUTES after Shandee Blackburn is captured on CCTV alive, and walking on Juliet St towards Boddington St, a running figure can be seen crossing the road and moving in the same direction.

About 30 seconds later a figure can be seen running back from where it came on the other side of the road.

Mackay Coroners Court heard hours of CCTV footage from various points around Boddington St, from between 9am February 8 and 1am February 9 in 2013, was viewed, calibrated and collated by police.

A number of compilations were played in court showing Shandee's movements, a vehicle of interest and the running figure.

Detective Sergeant Chad Davis, who gave evidence today, told the inquest about a vehicle of interest driving around the area where Shandee was murdered at the time she was killed.

Det Sgt Davis told the court he became involved in Shandee's murder case some time after her death "independent of the investigation team" to basically "provide a fresh set of eyes".

He is the second police witness called in the coronial inquest and gave evidence on the salient points identified in the CCTV evidence.

Ms Blackburn can be seen walking on Juliet St at 12.13am on February 9. Soon after she was found dying in the gutter with 23 to 25 stab wounds to her upper body.

Det Sgt Davis said CCTV footage showed an abnormal movement in the bushes across the road just three minutes earlier.

About 12.14.09am on February 9 a figure is seen running towards the same direction that Shandee was walking.

About 30 seconds later, the figure can be seen running back towards the bushes.

Counsel assisting the coroner John Aberdeen asked Det Snr Sgt Davis what the purpose of obtaining all the footage was.

"To identify the movements of all people and vehicles within that area of the incident at the relevant times," Det Sgt Davis said.

12.30pm: CORONER David O'Connell has viewed a series of side by side images comparing a vehicle of interest seen in the area the night Shandee Blackburn was killed and the Toyota Hilux seized from her former boyfriend John Peros.

Forensic imaging officer Sergeant Brett Schnitzerling referred to similar features between the two vehicles, including a missing mudguard on the front driver's side wheel and black strip detailing along the passenger side.

Shandee was murdered on Boddington St while walking home from work on February 9, 2013.

Mr Peros was arrested in September 2014 over Shandee's murder and acquitted by a jury in 2017.

CCTV footage captured a vehicle of interest at various points around the city the she was killed.

Mackay Coroners Court heard Mr Peros' seized vehicle was used in a re-enactment at the same locations in September 2014 and the two sets of images were compared.

Sgt Schniterling told the court there were 12 similarities between the two vehicles and agreed that "environmental features" such as a difference in light would result in any explainable differences.

Barrister Craig Eberhardt, for Mr Peros, pointed out that none of the CCTV images captured the number plate or registration of the vehicle being driven the night Shandee was killed.

The inquest heard the vehicle seized by police had a lightning strike sticker at the rear of the ute's tray.

Mr Eberhardt referred to one of the slides and suggested Sgt Schnitzerling "really couldn't tell by looking at the heavily pixelated footage" taken from the night that it was the same as Mr Peros' vehicle, adding that the mark where the sticker was seemed larger in the CCTV footage than the re-enactment.

Mr Eberhardt also challenged the lighting conditions used in the comparative slides.

"What we have here is a photograph taken from some distance above and behind a vehicle in a certain set of lighting conditions... and then in the next few slides what you purport to do is to compare that to a photograph taken in an entirely different set of lighting conditions ... and then what you purport to do is reverse the other side of the vehicle and in a totally different set of lighting conditions ... and make some sort of comparison," Mr Eberhardt said.

The inquest continues.

10.40am: A DEFENCE barrister has argued that William Daniel would be committed to stand trial for the murder of Shandee Blackburn on "any day of the week" as he pushed for three extra witnesses to be questioned during the inquest into her death.

Craig Eberhardt, acting for Shandee's former boyfriend John Peros who was acquitted of her murder in 2017, said there was "significant direct and circumstantial case against him".

Mr Daniel has never been arrested for Shandee's murder and denies any involvement.

Mr Eberhardt wanted Coroner David O'Connell to allow the three police officers who were present when Levii Blackman gave his first statement saying Mr Daniel told him "someone got murdered ... I did it" the night Shandee died.

Mr Blackman had told the officers he had been having a smoke outside his unit when Mr Daniel and Norman Dorante appeared out of the dark about midnight on February 9, 2013 as sirens blared in the background responding to Shandee's death.

A coronial inquest into Shandee's death heard he told his mother and his nan in the days following and that he had been upset.

But he later blackflipped and said that conversation did not happen and he had been pressured into lying by police in that first interview. He claimed one officer even threatened him with black magic.

In his third statement to police, Mr Blackman claimed he had actually spoke to Mr Daniel later in the day in February 9.

He said he asked Mr Daniel, as he was scrolling through Facebook, "did you hear what happened up the road" and he replied "I did it", but Mr Blackman did not take it seriously.

Mr Blackman has maintained this version since.

Mr Eberhardt said the officers needed to be called because it was important for the coroner to know whether or not he could rely on Mr Blackman's claims that he was bullied, harassed and pressured or if what he said was the truth, "which he's trying to avoid saying in court".

Mr Eberhardt accused Mr Blackman of trying to "back out of his statement" because he knew how much trouble it had caused Mr Daniel.

Mr O'Connell refused the application. He said he did not consider the three officers necessary as he already had Mr Blackman's statements to police, transcripts of his testimony in court and his explanations about why he changed his statements.

Mr O'Connell said he also had been able to observe Mr Blackman as he gave evidence during the inquest yesterday.

The first witness today is forensic imaging officer Sergeant Brett Schniterling, who will discuss comparisons between a vehicle of interest the night Shandee died and a Toyota Hilux police seized from Mr Peros.

More to come.

YESTERDAY: "IT WAS supposed to be a snatch and run that went wrong."

Sumara Blackman, who has given evidence for the first time, told a Coronial Inquest she had heard the murder of Shandee Blackburn stemmed from a robbery gone wrong.

A self-confessed drug user and alcoholic gave a colourful testimony yesterday afternoon on what she believed she knew and had heard about the 23 year old's death.

At the end of her evidence Coroner David O'Connell asked Ms Blackman if she was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.


Sumara Blackman (standing) with her mother Celeste Moore, who both gave evidence in the Coronial Inquest into Shandee Blackburn's death.
Sumara Blackman (standing) with her mother Celeste Moore, who both gave evidence in the Coronial Inquest into Shandee Blackburn's death. Janessa Ekert

"Why do I wanna be like that fool," she told the court.

"I'm clean and f***ing sober and I'm telling the truth."

She told the court she remembered her brother Levii Blackman had told her on Saturday night, February 10 in 2013 that William Daniel and Norman Dorante had murdered Ms Blackburn.

"It was supposed to be a snatch and run that went wrong. It was all about the bag," Counsel Assisting the Coroner John Aberdeen asked her, and she said yes.

The inquest heard Ms Blackman had told police that one night before Mr Daniel went to Western Australia that she had been high on "synthetic sh*t" with Mr Daniel and Mr Dorante in her unit.

"I remember that Will said something like, it doesn't matter how much pressure they put on us we will never crack," Mr Aberdeen said, reading from Ms Blackman's statement.

"Now you then say in your statement we weren't talking about Shandee at the time but I know that's what they were talking about."

Ms Blackman said that was true.

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Levii Blackman leaves Mackay Court House during the Shandee Blackburn inquest.
Levii Blackman leaves Mackay Court House during the Shandee Blackburn inquest. Caitlan Charles

Yesterday Mr Blackman admitted he had lied about what he knew in relation to Shandee's murder.

The 23 year old, who also gave evidence yesterday, said he told lies because he "didn't know what I was doing" and was "confused".

He was grilled for more than four hours on day two of the inquest during which he repeated that he had been pressured by police into lying.

The court heard he initially told police that Mr Daniel told him "someone got murdered... I did it" on February 9, not long after Shandee was killed.

He later said that conversation didn't happen. He said he actually spoke to Mr Daniel the day Shandee died while he was eating noodles and asked him "did you hear what happened up the road". He said Mr Daniel told him "it was me" but that he didn't take him seriously.

Mr Blackman accused an officer of threatening him with black magic during his first interview with police.

Barrister Craig Eberhardt, representing John Peros who was acquitted of Shandee's murder accused Mr Blackman of lying while giving evidence to a Crime and Corruption Commissioning hearing.

The inquest heard Mr Blackman testified in the CCC after already giving multiple statements to police.

He then provided a further statement to police "to change what I've said before... I think it is time to get the truth across".

In the inquest yesterday Mr Blackman said some of the things he had said in that last statement were lies. He agreed he changed his evidence to remove the alleged confession by Mr Daniel.

"I was still confused in my head," he said.

"I was so pressured at the time all I knew is that... I was lying the whole time."

Mr Eberhardt said Mr Blackman didn't tell the CCC hearing that he'd been pressured by police or threatened with black magic.

During the inquest Mr Blackman also first strongly denied telling his sister and brother in law that Mr Daniel had confessed to killing Shandee, but he later backflipped and agreed that he had them because he liked the attention but didn't actually believe Mr Daniel had anything to do with her death.

The inquest continues.