Witness admits drugs made memory of murder hazy

A WITNESS to the murder of Darren Britza has admitted there was a "99.9% chance" he was high on speed and his memory of the day was "hazy".

Bundaberg man Shane Anthony Eric Hansen and Dean Mark Wills have pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to brutally murdering Mr Britza in a Gold Coast industrial shed in 2001.

Witness Paul Southgate told the court fights would happen in the shed regularly and his memory of the incident was "hazy" because of his drug use at the time.

He said he had a memory that Paul Dewer, the drug dealer who ran the panel beating business that operated at the shed, warned him "some shit was going to go down" later that day.

But he said it was not unusual to see fights at the shed.

"Guys would just go the knuckle," he said.

"When you're on drugs you don't worry about shit like that."

Mr Southgate and his brother Brad said they had seen two men, who the Crown claims were Mr Hansen and Mr Wills, drive up to the shed, attack Mr Britza, roll him in a blue tarp and throw him into the back of the car.

Mr Southgate said he and some of the witnesses, including Mr Dewer, had later agreed to keep quiet about witnessing the attack.

"We had a chinwag over it and decided it was probably best to keep our mouths shut," he said.

Brad Southgate told the court Mr Dewer had asked them to come to the shed that day - which had never happened before. He said normally they would turn up to work in exchange for drugs.

He said he did not see the initial attack but saw Mr Britza being dragged by the feet, then by the hair, and said his face has been "smashed in".

Two fishermen found Mr Britza's corpse wrapped in a blue tarp buried under a bridge in the Gold Coast hinterland in 2008. - APN NEWSDESK