Why mystery mosaics are popping up along Bargara's beaches

THERE'S been a surge in wildlife sightings along Bargara's foreshore - but they're not the kind of sightings locals are used to.

About 25 brightly coloured mosaics have mysteriously appeared featuring dolphins, seahorses, turtles, crabs and fish.

The playful creatures look almost like they've just swam out of the waves or scurried out from between the cracks in the rocks.

Admiring locals took to social media to ask the question on everyone's lips - where did these creatures come from?

Leanne O'Connell was one local who said she was in awe of the quality of the mysterious artworks.

"The mosaics are stunningly beautiful, they have generated a lot of interest and great to see community spirit is very strong in Bargara," she said.

The NewsMail investigated and found the mysterious group behind the artworks, who simply call themselves the Guerrilla Grams

An anonymous source shed light on the reason behind the artworks, and said the works were not council approved.

"They're a community group doing it for the love of the community," they said.

"Their message is we want more public art."

Locals at the foreshore didn't have a bad word to say about the mosaics, some people labelling them "amazing".

It's not the first time the rocks at Bargara have become a talking point.

Last year, rock balancing and mandala drawing became a theme at the beach while Bargara became a site for an international craze where people paint small rocks and hide them to be found by others.