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Why get married when you can stay engaged?

JENNIFER Hudson isn't in a "rush" to get married.

The 32-year-old singer got engaged to David Otunga, with whom she has five-year-old son David Jr., six years ago but she admits they're not planning to tie the knot anytime soon because they're happy as they are.

When asked if she was going to get married soon, she told The Sun newspaper's Fabulous magazine: "There's no rush. No one is going anywhere."

The 'Spotlight' hitmaker lost her mother Darnell, brother Jason and nephew Julian in 2008 when her sister's deranged ex-husband William Balfour shot them dead, and she believes the tragedy may be a reason why she's not prepared to get married at the moment.

She said: "I think I am always ready for a curveball. For me, the worst thing that can happen has already happened and the best that can happen has happened and it makes me see how quickly things can change.

"I guess that makes you think a little bit differently. I am so happy and grateful for what I have, but all of it can go in an instant."

However, the brunette beauty admits her son David has helped her with the healing process following the death of her loved ones because he talks to them.

She explained: "Little David will talk to me about my mum and my nephew. Sometimes he'll completely take my breath away because he tells me he's been talking to them. He's so happy when he says this that it makes me feel very much at peace about everything. It may sound strange, but to him it's totally natural."