Fuel in the region is cheaper than average.
Fuel in the region is cheaper than average.

Why Bundy's among the cheapest places in Qld to buy fuel

BUNDABERG'S average monthly fuel price dropped, making it among the cheapest places in Queensland to buy unleaded petrol last month.

According to the RACQ's fuel price report, Goondiwindi was the cheapest regional Queensland location for unleaded fuel, at 137.1 cents per litre, while Bundaberg and Miles tied for second cheapest.

Bundaberg's average unleaded fuel price in November was 138.4 cents per litre, making it nine cents cheaper than Brisbane's average.

An RACQ spokeswoman said regional Queensland locations were cheaper than Brisbane as the capital's prices were fluctuating.

"We see cheaper prices in regional Queensland where towns have strong competition between fuel stations which leads to lower prices to compete for the business of drivers," she said.

Prices at three petrol stations checked yesterday were cheaper than last month's average.

Mobil sold for 135.9 cents per litre, while Coles Express Shell and Liberty sold unleaded fuel at 137.9 cents.