Matt Agnew doesn’t watch The Bachelor anymore, he’s revealed.
Matt Agnew doesn’t watch The Bachelor anymore, he’s revealed.

Why Agnew refuses to watch The Bachelor

More than 600,000 Aussies in the five capital cities watched The Bachelor last night, but Matt Agnew wasn't one of them.

In fact, the star of the show revealed on WSFM's Jonesy and Amanda that he hasn't seen a number of recent episodes.

"Um, if I'm honest, I don't actually watch it anymore," the astrophysicist said on radio this morning.

"I started watching it and then a few weeks back I kinda just stopped watching. It was awkward at times, initially, but yeah, the last few weeks I've avoided it."

It's not that Agnew's not a fan of the show, he explained, he just doesn't want to judge the women on what went on behind the scenes.


Bachelor contestant Rachel Arahill with Matt Agnew. Picture: Channel 10.
Bachelor contestant Rachel Arahill with Matt Agnew. Picture: Channel 10.


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"I think for me, there was nothing to gain really," he said about watching The Bachelor.

"I've formed opinions and connections with all these women … and I'm very happy to take those memories forwards as the ones that I'll hold onto."

Agnew has previously revealed he's currently in a relationship with one of the women he met on the show. And he's not entirely sure if she's been watching the episodes on Channel 10.

"I imagine there's awkward moments, but it's all part of it and it's her choice whether or not she watches," he told Jonesy and Amanda.

"You've got to remember that this is a moment that happened a long time ago in the past and the premise of the show is that I'm single and it's … just something that we need to try and delicately move forward and navigate together."

During the radio interview, Jonesy and Amanda played the audio from Bach evictee Rachael Arahill's recent appearance on Studio 10.

When asked if there's anything she wanted to say to Agnew, Arahill said live on TV, "I'll just leave it with a simple one … F***ing dog!"

After playing the audio to Agnew, Jonesy said, "I think you dodged a meteorite there, mate!"

"I hadn't actually heard that," The Bachelor replied. "That's full-on.

"I thought that all the connections I made were positive. There were some where it was obvious there wasn't a romantic connection. I don't know the context, (but) it's disappointing if there's an element of animosity there."

But Agnew didn't seem too fazed by the outburst, saying, "It's not my place to decide how people react and process things. If that's how she processed and dealt with it, that's fine".


The Bachelor Australia continues next Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel 10