Where you stand on banning mobile phones from schools

READERS had mixed views on the idea of banning the use of mobile phones during school hours.

In a bid to curb cyberbullying in Queensland schools, Opposition leader Deb Frecklington wants to explore banning the use of mobile phones during these hours.

The discussion of removing mobile phones from students will also look at whether it will improve the development of social skills by encouraging more face-to-face interaction.

An online poll revealed 91% of respondents voted no to a ban on mobile phones for students during school hours.

Krista DeBruin: "Most schools actually have a policy where the kids hand their phones into the student services office before school and collect it when they go home."

Jessica Kate: They were banned when I was at school... but we didn't have Facebook, Instagram etc...and we used pens and books.

Bec Bee: I survived without mobile phones at school like 100s of 1000s of students before me so ban away and they may even learn something in class.

Jack Fatrix: "They should be banned from kids under 18 all together."

"Let them participate in the world around them before we expose them to a world they cant find themselves in."

Rachael Hickey: "Why is there a need to control everything everyone does these days?"

"That is the parents choice...just worry about running the government properly."

Marlie Lovelock: A child from prep is taught how to read with the aide of an iPad. Before school, they're given their parents phones etc."

"So, what's the point of banning phones in a classroom?"

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