BRIGHT STAR: Sarah Tump has been accepted into a mentoring program. 

Picture: Contributed.
BRIGHT STAR: Sarah Tump has been accepted into a mentoring program. Picture: Contributed.

When dreams come true: Screenwriter sees stars

FILMS are often filled with stars and one local screenwriter is on the path to reaching her own.

Bundaberg local Sarah Tump had reached an all-time high in her dream career, that is until her highly anticipated documentary, Bones of Women, was postponed.

"When the screening was postponed, due to coronavirus, I was at breaking point and confused about my career," Ms Tump said.

"I kept thinking if only I had the date set at the Moncrieff a week earlier, so many people could have seen it … but I do believe what is meant to be will be."

And little did Ms Tump know, she would receive exciting news sooner than she had anticipated. After a lengthy application process, Ms Tump was accepted in WIFT Australia's 2020 MentorHer program.

The three-month program is an opportunity for emerging or experienced individuals who wish to excel in the screen industry, to be matched with a mentor that offers support and guidance.

Over the course of the program, Ms Tump will be mentored by Karolina Berkell-Kirk, who owns a production company based in Stockholm and Brisbane and the pair will conduct meetings over Skype.

"I can't wait learn the content, network with worldwide contacts and see where it takes me," Ms Tump said.

"Our first session is next Tuesday … I have no idea what to expect but I'm ready to be a sponge and soak it all up."

Ms Tump said she was grateful for the opportunity and hopes it will lead to international projects or a full-time career.

"I think with coronavirus affecting so many people, we will find new ways to achieve things," Ms Tump said.

"It shouldn't stop us from making plans, recharging and connecting deeper with who we are."