WHILE this snake had already had dinner - a possum or possibly a neighbourhood cat - it was found sleeping off its meal in a Sunshine Coast kitchen.

The 8kg python was curled up behind the microwave on the kitchen bench when Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 came in to remove it.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Ross McGibbon said the huge carpet python had consumed something large, either a possum or a cat.

"We suspect [it] was a large possum or possibly a cat from the neighbourhood."

The snake responded to their prodding and then tried to take off up behind the microwave.

But Mr McGibbon gently eased it out and said it was handy having well-known snake catcher, Richie Gilbert there to help.

"It was ironic having Richie behind the camera this time. I will admit an extra hand was usufel when we had to lift the heavy snake onto the floor."

The snake was relocated and released into a "nice tree hollow...where it will spend the next couple of weeks digesting that huge meal."

Mr McGibbon said it was a reminder to Coast residents to lock up their pets at night time.

"Carpet pythons are harmless to humans. It serves as a reminder to keep your pets in at night and your pet enclosures snake proof."