Joy Forman and Val Steemson enjoy a cup of coffee at Grindstone Coffee House.
Joy Forman and Val Steemson enjoy a cup of coffee at Grindstone Coffee House. Mike Knott BUN150119COF3

What's brewing? Bundy's coffee scene roasts nearby towns

IS THE Rum City full of caffeineoholics?

It seems so when you compare us to other regions of a similar or larger size.

With almost 50 coffee shops to choose from Bundabergians have a strong liking of the cup of brown - addicts don't even have to drive more than 5km to reach your next cuppa.

But this brings out the question, is Bundaberg over stimulated because we brew too much?

Comparing the Bundaberg region against other cities of a similar or larger size, on Yellow Pages, our region seems to have more coffee shops.

According to Yellow Pages Bundaberg has 48 listed coffee shops.

In the 2016 Census there was 92,897 people living in the region, so that's roughly one coffee shop for about every 1937 people in the city.

While the neighbouring region of Hervey Bay has a total of 18 listed and the Rockhampton region has 27.

While larger regions such as Toowoomba has 66 and Mackay caffeine addicts have 35 shops to choose from.

Is it our appreciation for a good cup of coffee or do we need the caffeine boost to keep us going to get through the day?

We may not know the answer to why, but with new cafes popping up around the region quicker than you can phone in your next take away it seems a growing trend that won't slow down any time soon.

Just this week Passionfruit Coffee was the latest to open its doors in East Bundaberg.