The 960E series of Komatsu dump truck
The 960E series of Komatsu dump truck

What legal battle? Adani orders 55 dump trucks for mine

INDIAN energy giant Adani is being dragged through the court system for its Carmichael mega-mine proposed in the Galilee Basin, but that hasn't stopped it from ordering 55 "super large" dump trucks for late next year.

It is unclear how many of these will require drivers, given the company's desire to use automated machinery.

Adani has ordered the 55 vehicles for delivery in the second half of 2016, even as environmental activists ferociously attack the company and its proposed mine through the Federal Court.

If approved, the Carmichael coal project will be among the world's largest, with the company expecting to deliver 10,000 jobs.

In its early phase, Carmichael is projected to export 40 million tonnes of coal per year, more than double the capacity of most coal mines already operating in Queensland.

Adani wants the mine to eventually ramp up to exporting 60 million tonnes.

The sheer scale of the mine would mean it would pay more than $22 billion in taxes and royalities.

It is unclear how many of these haul trucks will be driven by humans, with Adani CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj telling reporters earlier this year there would be a keen focus on using automated technology.

"We will be utilizing at least 45, 400-tonne driverless trucks," he said at the time.

"All the vehicles will be capable of automation. When we ramp up the mine, everything will be autonomous from mine to port.

"In our eyes, this is the mine of the future."

The shipment of trucks include Komatsu's 960E-2 and 930E-4SE, although how many Adani is buying of each is unclear.

The 930E-4SE model can be modified for automated use through "modular mining systems", according to the Komatsu website.