Mike Williams shared what the
Mike Williams shared what the "ridiculous" rule looks like from a truckie's seat.

What it's like to stop from a truckie's point of view

TRUCKIE Mike Williams has shared dashcam footage of how the 40km/hr slow down rule affects drivers on the highway. 

He took to Twitter to post footage of him driving down the highway and showed how he had to quickly slow down to almost half the speed he was travelling after seeing flashing police lights as he drove around a bend. 

"This is how it looks from my chair," he wrote on Twitter. 

"I'm doing nothing illegal. I'm unsighted by the truck in the left lane. It's a constant radius left curve. This is a bad law and the trial should be scrapped in my opinion." 

He told 2GB reporters drivers were "more at risk with winter approaching". 

"I only had a couple of seconds to respond to what was going on," he told Chris Smith. 

"There are enough natural obstacles that are causing problems and we've created a man-made one." 

The rule was introduced six months ago, with motorists forced to slow down to 40kmk/hr when passing stationary emergency vehicle with their lights flashing.