Questions about recent changes to the NRL. Pictured is referee Matt Cecchin. Photo: Joel Carrett
Questions about recent changes to the NRL. Pictured is referee Matt Cecchin. Photo: Joel Carrett

What has gone wrong with the NRL?

Question; What has gone wrong with the NRL?

I have been an avid supporter of Rugby League for many years in that time I have witnessed many changes, I have seen it grow from basically a group of semi amateur pub teams to the present highly paid business NRL teams of today.

Some changes have been for the better but this latest episode of our game has well and truly gone off the rails.

The main protagonist is the rule changes, league is basically a simple game so the rules should encompass simplicity, but no that is not the case.

This season we have witnessed the most bizarre of all with the reintroduction of one referee. The powers that control the NRL introduced a well received change here but the whistle blowers protested the change by threatening to strike so to placate them we came up with the six to go restart rule that the referee can award basically any time they think it is required.

Consequentially that allows the referee to manipulate the game in favour of however they decide.

We the fans see this happen in every game where one team is given multiple restarts generally in the 10 metre zone of the defending team.

It should be noted that I am not accusing the referees of cheating it is just the way that this rule presents itself.

The decision to award the restarts whose outcome is so predictable, that you know that after an attacking team has at least twp of these restarts that a try will be scored.

The referee to add some balance to the games statistics then awards an amount of restarts to the losing team mid field where they largely of no value.

The media mainly TV just goes along with the decisions like they have been told not to rock the boat.

This rule should be jettisoned after this season as it promotes favouritism particularly for the more powerful teams at the expense of weak teams and is not in the spirit of the game.

The game should be won by the players not the officials and that includes the untouchable Bunker that makes more mistakes than correct decisions.

As I said earlier Rugby League is a simple game and should be left that way so NRL revisit the past for our future and give up the experimentation, remember as well that it is a six tackle game not a seven set and that golden point should be played as true extra time not stopped as soon as one team scores but goes to the team that scores the most points.

Bob Henderson, Sharon