Evicted Big Brother housemate Ryan
Evicted Big Brother housemate Ryan "Leo" Burke-Gaffney with host Sonia Kruger. Paul Broben

What did Leo whisper to Dave as he left Big Brother?

THE housemates are all in a flap about what evicted housemate Ryan "Leo" Burke-Gaffney whispered to David Hodis on his departure.

David will get quizzed on the quiet word he shared with Leo on tonight's show, but Burke-Gaffney says he won't spill the beans.

"Dave promised he would take that secret to the grave, so if he doesn't tell anyone in the house then I can't tell anyone on the outside," he told APN.

"It definitely involves our experience in the house… he had a good laugh about it.

"It was just a tongue-in-cheek bit of fun between boys. In all honesty it's not worth repeating out loud and it will have no merit as to have the game's going to be played.

"But one of the things I love about Dave is he's going to ride that wave."

Big Brother housemates Skye Wheatley and Ryan
Big Brother housemates Skye Wheatley and Ryan "Leo" Burke-Gaffney. Channel 9

The 30-year-old Canadian native insisted he doesn't mind talking about former flame Skye Wheatley despite their "drifting apart" and media outlets asking if they "went all the way" inside the Big Brother house.

"That is a full-on question," he said.

"We had a very clear line drawn about what we were comfortable doing, what we thought was respectful to ourselves and to the viewers.

"Nothing sells like a bit of juice, but unfortunately I couldn't deliver on that front."

He also brushed off suggestions Skye and Ryan might be flirting with each other following his eviction.

"I think it's a bit of a reach," he said.

Big Brother housemates Skye Wheatley and Ryan Ginns.
Big Brother housemates Skye Wheatley and Ryan Ginns. Channel 9

"Skye's emotional and young and she says things. She might be physically attracted to Ryan but I don't think that's going to result in any kind of hook-up between the two of them."

In the Australian spirit of backing the underdog, Burke-Gaffney hopes Melbourne larrikin Travis Lunardi will win next week's grand final.

"He will be a graceful winner," he said.

"Ryan and Skye are great housemates but I feel Travis has been that shining light through the whole thing. He's the guy who never changed. He always wore his heart on his sleeve."

Ryan, Skye, David and Priya are all up for eviction tonight.