NEW PLAN: CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor Nick Klomp has released his new five year strategic plan.
NEW PLAN: CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor Nick Klomp has released his new five year strategic plan. Mike Knott BUN150419GRAD1

What CQU's new vice chancellor has planned for uni

CQUNIVERSITY'S new vice chancellor has been in the job for five months and yesterday he released his strategic plan for the university for the next five years.

Over the last five months, Professor Nick Klomp has visited every CQUniversity campus around Australia and overseas where he met staff and students and asked them what they wanted out of the facility.

"I thought there would be a scatter gun of ideas left right and centre and it would be difficult to pull it all together into a coherent plan,” he said.

"But it was just the opposite, their ideas were really convergent in some ways the plan wrote itself.”

Prof Klomp said there will be a number of changes students will notice throughout the next five years.

"Current students will notice more student engagement and more efforts in providing a great student experience,” he said.

"New students will notice more and more courses on offer, the communities will notice our presence in even more communities around Australia and also more involvement and engagement of our staff and students in the communities and investment in more research.

"For our staff they aren't just providing all of this research and community engagement, we're going to professionally develop them so they'll be at the cutting edge and their resumes will just get better and better.”

He said the plan was made up of six foundational pillars - students, research, people, communities, reputation and sustainability.

He said the application of these pillars and their associated goals would position CQUniversity as a leader in the provision of seamless, full-spectrum education pathways, and engaged research.

"We measure our success by the opportunities we give,” he said.

"It gives clear guidelines of what we need to achieve such as what technology we need to bring in so our uni is cutting edge.

"As educators and researchers in a contemporary university, we are being tested by new threats and emerging opportunities, both challenging and exciting.

"It is crucial that all of us at CQUniversity use the next five years to build on our past achievements and apply innovation and courage to everything we do.

"We must dare to be different and how we do this in the next few years will define who we are for the next 50 years.”