Welfare drug users won't be reported

Welfare drug test results won't be passed onto police

RESULTS of drug tests on ­welfare recipients will not be passed on to police, even if a drugged-out dole bludger gets in a car to drive away after a positive test.

As the Turnbull Government yesterday dug in to support trialling drug testing of 5000 welfare recipients, it can be revealed legislation will be introduced to ensure results are only used by the Social ­Services Department.

Welfare recipients will have to travel to an independent contractor to be tested.

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Yes, but results should be passed onto police


Yes, but let's not give police results


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No. It's stereotyping all recipients


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The Government reportedly wants to help people get off drugs and into jobs and not have police involved. Sites that registered high drug use during national wastewater testing will be targeted for the random trial. The sites, to be unveiled this year, are likely to include Townsville.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told Sky News yesterday the policy aimed to help welfare recipients.


"If they test positive, if they do have that dependency, then they get the cashless debit card, they get management - cash management, income management is very important - and also will get the support, access to rehab to get them off the substance abuse,'' he said.

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