We can’t complain about lack of jobs and not support big projects

OPINION by editor, Adam Wratten

REGIONAL Queensland, through a combination of drought and lack of resources projects, has created a meagre 6000 jobs in five years while the state’s south-east corner generated over 200,000 roles, according to Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland chief economist, Dr Marcus Smith.

“The multiplier effect of a lack of activity tends to result in poor job outcomes and only adds pressure to larger population centres to generate more positions which is currently not happening,” Dr Smith said.

Data released this week by the chamber shows it’s taking an average 26 weeks for people to find work in the Wide Bay.

We have seen the challenges our youth face to find a job. Many choose to leave in the belief Brisbane has more opportunities.

So here is what I don’t get.

Why do people complain when something good comes along?

Judging by the comments on a NewsMail Facebook post about the SouthBeach at Elliott Heads project, you’d think many in our community are against development of any kind.

The development of 3200 new homes at Elliott Heads is a big project. We need to make sure it doesn’t do long-term damage to the environment and passes all the key tests.

But, it’s a lifeline to keeping our youngsters here.

This project will create an estimated 3000 jobs. That’s money coming into our region for 3000 people, many of those having families.

As a community we can’t demand increases in welfare while at the same time whining about the lack of opportunity when we don’t get behind great projects like this.