Patu will be eligible for parole in 2019.
Patu will be eligible for parole in 2019. FACEBOOK

Wayward father went 'off the rails' after drug dalliance

A FATHER went "off the rails” and dabbled in the dark world of drug supply.

Police stopped Wayne Shute Patu in June 2015 and found drugs in a car he was in.

Police analysed the Ipswich man's phone.

Incriminating messages led to Patu facing charges of drug supply and unlawfully supplying a weapon.

"You have gone off the rails - if I can put it that way - in a bad way,” Justice Helen Bowskill said on Friday.

But she said Patu, 39, also had the support and love of his family and friends.

"You have great motivation in turning your life around.”

Justice Bowskill encouraged Patu to keep up rehabilitation efforts.

The court heard Patu was drug-dependent at the time of the offences.

Patu was one of two men who stormed a North Booval home in June 2015 and threatened a man with a loaded rifle.

In relation to that, Patu previously pleaded guilty to 21 charges including armed robbery in company.

At Ipswich District Court two weeks ago, he was sentenced to eight years jail.

Justice Bowskill added 12 months to his jail sentence on Friday.

But she did not change Patu's existing parole eligibility date in October 2019.

Patu shook his lawyer's hand and seemed relieved after the sentencing. -NewsRegional