FED UP: McCarthy Street residents Malakai Koloi and Elaine Collett are not happy.
FED UP: McCarthy Street residents Malakai Koloi and Elaine Collett are not happy. TAHLIA STEHBENS

Water problems: Residents upset by delays for drainage

ANGRY, disappointed and let down is the general feeling of residents in McCarthy St this week after being advised their 11-year drainage project will be postponed yet again.

Malakai Koloi has resided there for 26 years and has met with four different mayors to discuss water drainage issues faced by many of the residents and students that use the thoroughfare.

"I'm not happy with it,” Mr Koloi said.

"The Mayor promised me it would be done in July, the Deputy Mayor said five weeks ago it would be done in July, and all of a sudden it won't be done until September.

"The negotiations for this started back in 2007, and when I told my community group that it would be postponed again, four of them said to me it was time to speak out.”

Mr Koloi is afraid that if the work isn't done now it will result in another year of flooded drains and roads.

"It's coming into the wet season and nothing still has been done,” he said. Fellow resident Elaine Collett said the lack of footpath made it very difficult to collect her bin, which she sometimes finds knocked into the drainway.

"The garbage collectors come past here and the bins will often fall into the ditch,” she said.

"And when it rains, I have to wade down into the drain to get my bin out, which fills up with water and can be very dangerous.”

Deputy Mayor Bill Trevor said there was no "continual delay” because the project was only ever slated to be completed this year.

"Through strong representation from former councillor (Peter) Heuser and now Cr (John) Learmonth, we are very pleased to be delivering this project,” Cr Trevor said.

"We do sympathise with the residents, it has been a long time coming for them, but we are delivering on drainage as a high priority throughout the region.

"The delays have been caused by the storm that swept through Bundaberg in October last year which pushed everything back, and I think postponing the project by just a few months isn't too much to ask.

"No-one will be more happy to see the job start than myself and the councillors involved.”