WATCH: Train driver warns passengers seconds before crash

A TRAIN driver in Poland has been praised across the world for his quick thinking to protect passengers seconds before the train crashed into a truck.

CCTV cameras captured the driver, Mateusz Szymanski, rushing through the train warning passengers to brace themselves and take cover.

The train was reportedly travelling between Wagroweic and Poznan at speeds of more than 100km an hour when it hit the truck.

The driver told Polish television station TVN the quick reaction of the passengers, who crouched on the floor en masse after Mr Szymanski's warning, helped make sure there were no injuries.

The video also shows the moment of impact as seen from the driver's cab. The truck was parked slightly over the train tracks while stopped in traffic.

It struck the front left side of the train. The impact smashed windows and showered seats with glass.