NOW that's a bit too close for comfort.

A Northern Rivers man had this very close encounter with a shark - and in extremely shallow water.

Finn Ward was at New Brighton for a "spot of beach worming" about 1.30pm yesterday when he "ran into this guy".

He said he thought the shark was about 2m long, but wasn't sure what type it was.

But it was in knee-deep water, with waves crashing over it, debunking the myth that sharks don't venture into whitewater.

"Pretty ordinary footage unfortunately, but between dodging him (the shark), the glare and a cracked iPhone screen, I was pretty occupied," he said.

"I've never seen one so close to shore but seen a heap around in the water surfing.

"It's the time of year, I think.

"Mullet are running, the whales are migrating, the water cools and there is a lot of sea life around.

tThey say the mullet run from Anzac Day so from them until The whales head back is the time you see them mostly."

Mr Ward posted the footage of the shark on the Brunswick Heads Community Page on Facebook, where it has already been shared more than 170 times.