Dashcam footage shows a car having to move off the road after an incident of dangerous overtaking.
Dashcam footage shows a car having to move off the road after an incident of dangerous overtaking.

WATCH: Shocking Bundy dashcam footage as police give warning

THERE was more than 100 infringements issued to drivers throughout the region in just five days, with some charges included 150km/h in 100k zone, drug driving and more than a dozen traffic crashes.

While Road Safety Week is over, the push for drivers to remain alert and safe on the roads is never-ending for Bundaberg police and Senior Constable Darlene Webb said the number of infringements issued throughout last week was very concerning.

"Police make no excuses for issuing infringement notices to drivers who are not abiding by the road rules," she said.

"Road crashes devastate the lives of so many and takes an enormous toll on families and the community.

"The safety of all road users is our priority and we appeal to all drivers and road users to obey the law, help reduce trauma on our roads and make it home safely."

Across the region, from Childers and Gin Gin, to Bargara and Bundaberg there was 13 traffic crashes, seven of which were in Bundy.

Snr Const Webb shared dashcam footage of a previous instance of dangerous driving where a car ended up off the road in the Bundaberg reigon and urged all drivers to be alert on the roads.

In Childers police issued 23 Infringement Notices for offences including: one charge of high end speeding 40km or over - 150km/h in 100k zone in South Kolan, which carried a penalty of $1245, eight points and six months suspension.

The Childers-based charges also included unregistration, uninsured vehicles.

In Bargara there was five infringements, Gin Gin issued 10, Monto issued three and Eidsvold issued one infringement throughout the week.

Bundaberg saw the most charges laid with 106 infringements, five unregistered, uninsured, three disqualified driving, eight unlicensed driving, one U. I. L .22% and eight drug drive charges.

Some of the tickets include:

  • Two charges for exceeding the speed limit by more than 30kmh, but not more than 40kmh, which carries a penalty of $622 and 6 points.
  • There were four charges for speeding more than 20kmh but no more than 30kmh over the limit, which is a $444 and 4 points penalty.
  • There was also two different charges for speeding in a school zone, failing to wear a seatbelt, failing to stop at a stop sign, using a handheld mobile phone and entering a crossing while the boom was closing.