Bundaberg locals have been left mystified after a huge light lit up the night sky, rattling doors and causing sounds described as being like a "sonic boom".

Around 10.30pm Thursday, locals said they felt doors shake and some described the accompanying sound as being like thunder.

Bundaberg's TJ Leenders said capturing the light on film didn't do it justice, remarking that it was simply "unbelievable" to watch.

Unlike a typical meteor type sighting, witnesses said they were able to watch the object for around a minute or more before it drifted out of view - a factor that meant some were able to capture the long, thin, beam of light on video.

Locals who saw and heard the event spanned from Gin Gin to Avenell Heights, with some saying it had been spotted as far away as Mackay.

Roderic Read, who captured the object on video, said it resembled a rocket because it looked like it was going up, not across or down.

Some said it woke them from their sleep, while others said their windows rattled.

One witness described it as looking like "a string of stars" over their house.

There is speculation the object was a Chinese satellite plunging back to earth.

In May last year, a Chinese rocket measuring 100 feet fell back to earth.

The rocket, which was uncontrolled, meant the location it would land in was not easily predicted.

Websites tracking space activity plotted a Chinese satellite re-entry at 10.32pm Thursday.

It has not been confirmed if this is what the object was.

Video footage credit: Rachelle Rossow, Ryan Nicholls, Roderic Read.