The government is set to put Queensland clubs and pubs to the test.
The government is set to put Queensland clubs and pubs to the test. Purestock

Wanted: Professional drinks buyers to test clubs, pubs

FORGET blogging on tropical islands - for some, at least, there will be an even better job opportunity over the Christmas period:. Professional drinks buyer.

The state government is seeking a company to perform alcohol service tests - a so-called mystery-shopper trial - with a ceiling cost of $100,000 for taxpayers.

The mystery shoppers will assess service techniques in southeast Queensland between December and February as part of the Newman government's Safe Night Out Strategy, which was announced in June.

"The objective of the SNOS is to restore responsible behaviour and respect, stamp out alcohol- and drug-related violence and ensure Queensland's nightlife is safe for all," the tender documents state.

"…One such action that the OLGR [Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation] has responsibility for implementing is to develop and deliver a trial testing alcohol service practices through 'mystery shopper' style tests with outcomes discussed with licensees to improve their compliance."

The successful bidder will have to provide training so the mystery shoppers can "fulfil the role of 'pseudo-intoxicated' patrons" and will also have to provide methodology for assessing venues' serving practices.

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