Are you behind the push to make Fraser Island one of the seven wonders of Australia?
Are you behind the push to make Fraser Island one of the seven wonders of Australia?

VOTE: How you can ensure Fraser Island is among our wonders

IT'S one of the most beautiful places on Earth - so why shouldn't Fraser Island be included in the list of Australia's top seven wonders?

The heritage-listed island has been nominated in a nation-wide endeavour to determine the seven wonders of the nation.

Experience Oz is inviting Aussies to vote in what is expected to be the nation's largest-ever online travel poll.

In what will be the first domestic campaign of its kind and anticipated to be the largest in the country, the poll aims to reinforce Australia's majestic sites as some of the best on the planet, encourage domestic travellers to explore the best of their backyard, and highlight conservation issues in a bid to encourage people to help preserve them.

Voters can choose from a shortlist of 50 iconic Australian natural sites, landmarks and architectural icons submitted by state and tourism organisations from across the country.

Our competition includes the Blue Mountains, the Sydney Opera House, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.

Fraser Coast Tourism and Events Marketing Manager Christine McLiver said Fraser Island was known by the local Butchulla people as K'gari, which meant paradise.

"It's where rainforests grow out of sand and is home to more than half of the world's freshwater dune lakes," Ms McLiver said.

"Driving on the beach, diving into the clear waters of Lake McKenzie, seeing the mammoth size of trees more than 1200 years old are just some of the highlights of a visit to Fraser Island.

"It's value on a global scale was recognised almost 26 years ago when UNESCO inscribed it on the World Heritage List."

Experience Oz marketing manager Matt Hobbs said the campaign was designed to provide the fairest possible perspective on such a list of sites, while also shedding light on the importance of domestic travel and conservation of our wonders.

"People have been making lists of the top icons of Australia for years, but they have always come from the - often biased - perspective of one writer. We now live in the age of crowdsourcing and, given we work with thousands of tourism experience businesses across the country and collaborate with tourism organisations in each state, our distribution network allows us to get a massive sample size of Aussies' opinions," Mr Hobbs said.

"We're asking people to weigh in based on a number of criteria such as desirability as a travel spot, natural and historic value, beauty and a number of other factors that make Australia's sites and their experiences so amazing.

"We are thrilled to see Fraser Island has been nominated as a contender for one of the 7 Wonders of Australia and we encourage everyone to have their say and get involved in championing what they believe are the greatest wonders."