Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour: (Lto R) Rockhampton's Jordan Cox, Bundaberg's Rick Gough and Scott Mc Pherson
Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour: (Lto R) Rockhampton's Jordan Cox, Bundaberg's Rick Gough and Scott Mc Pherson

Volleyball players build up for interclub competition

VOLLEYBALL: This weekend will see a spike in activity heading over to Steptoe St as The Buildup indoor beach volleyball competition is held.

Managing director for host business Beach 365, Cyndi Kruschel, said there would be 16 teams of four participating over the weekend.

It’s all in an effort to help local teams build up to an interclub competition in a few months called the 4 of Clubs competition.

“We have a big interclub competition in March,” Kruschel said.

“The Buildup is our own local four-a-side, two-day competition as a build-up to the 4 of Clubs.

“We’ve put it on to help our guys prepare and get ready.”

Previous Buildup competitions have been held as single day events, but by popular demand the event has been drawn out over a whole weekend, hosting both men’s and women’s games, as well as mixed teams on Sunday.

The ramp up should help Bundy teams get ready for the higher-level competition that will come with the 4 of Clubs competition, which will consist of teams from Brisbane, Alice Springs, Palmerston and hopefully groups from Western Australia.

The competition is slightly different to regular volleyball, with sand indoors and rebound nets around the court meaning there is no out-of-bounds rules.

While it’s a step up on the regular weekly games The Buildup isn’t necessarily a state vs state competition.

“Ours is a bit different because it’s got the rebound nets …” Kruschel said.

“There’s no out of court, no out of play.

“At a higher level it becomes a very, very quick game.”

Kruschel explained it was quite a popular choice for Bundy locals as well, with many B-Grade players attending the weekly games.

“We have between 50 and 60 teams a week competing in our weekly fixtures,” she said.

“It’s a social sport.”

And while she said they were limited to an extent as a not-for-profit business, they were trying to expand into new areas around Bundaberg.

People interested in joining in the fun in future can join at any time during the year.

“We split the year into three seasons, but they’re back-to-back,” Kruschel said.

“You can start at any time – you don’t have to wait for a new season.

“Once a month … we have our Fun Friday, which is once a month Friday thing where anyone can turn up.”