Katelyn Ohashi shows off her mad skills
Katelyn Ohashi shows off her mad skills

Viral celebrity challenge goes next level

It's official - the world is well and truly bored.

After weeks of social isolation amid the coronavirus crisis, social media platforms have been in overdrive with viral challenges and attempts for the world to continue socialising, whether it be Instagram Live videos any other way to keep in touch.

Celebrities and sportspeople have been a big part of it.

F1 star Daniel Ricciardo, cricket gun Marcus Stoinis and snowboarding world champion and Olympian Scottie James have been challenging each other in hilarious challenges.

With no end in sight, one of the latest challenges making it around the grounds is the handstand challenge.

Celebrities including Spider-Man actor Tom Holland and Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star Jake Gyllenhaal have all do the challenge, which involves putting a shirt on while in a handstand, leaning against a wall.

It was brought into prominence when Holland posted his attempt on his Instagram story on April 1 after he was challenged by filmmaker Ollie Gardner.

Gyllenhaal hit back on his own Instagram story, saying "Wait, what's the challenge??? Shirtless heavy breathing??"

Simone Biles takes the handstand challenge to the next level.
Simone Biles takes the handstand challenge to the next level.

It's led to Hugh Jackman giving it a go while Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds responded to be challenged by saying "no", while looking slightly horrified.

It quickly made it into the sporting world with American Olympic hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones taking on the challenge, putting on two shirts and taking a sip of wine.

In the caption, she wrote: "when I saw Spider-Man and @jakegyllenhaal do a handstand challenge with one shirt … first I want to thank them for having their shirt off because I haven't seen a man in 25 days and also ⁣
All this and yup still can't do a free standing handstand."

But leave it to gymnasts to take it to the next level.

Katelyn Ohashi, who's gymnastic routines went viral when she got a perfect 10 in early 2019 and was subsequently celebrated in ESPN magazines's Body Issue.

She did the shirt challenge with ease and then took it next level, taking off her pants while in the handstand.

Olympic gold medallist and world champion Simone Biles also took it to the next level battling with her trackpants for almost a minute - showing incredible balance to get the job done.

Biles, who has also been showing off how hard she's been working in isolation, has still not committed going to the 2021 Olympics.

"I haven't decided not to do it, but I haven't really decided to do it," she told the Wall Street Journal.

Despite being just 23, Biles has been adamant she would retire after the 2020 Olympic and she said she wasn't sure she could "deal with USAG for another year" after the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal.

Biles has claimed four Olympic gold medals and an incredible 19 World Championships golds, the most decorated American gymnast of all-time.

And now she's done the handstand challenge with ease, it might need to get even tougher.

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