The vile note delivered to a Glenella resident.
The vile note delivered to a Glenella resident.

Vile handwritten baiting threat leaves dog owner frightened

A NUMBER of threatening notes have been left in the mailboxes of residents in Glenella, threatening to kill barking dogs.

The handwritten notes threaten to "throw a bait over the fence" if they don't "shut their f***ing dog up."

Three houses in Glenella have now received the anonymous note and one of those receivers Alicia Green is fearful for her dog's life.

"It was definitely scary," she said.

"I found myself sitting in the yard with my dog for hours on end just making sure she's okay.

"I'm worried about leaving her alone at home now."

Ms Green came home only a week ago to find her Bull Mastiff x Boxer, Bindi, with her chest ripped open. The dog was rushed to the vet to have emergency surgery and has been at home recovering ever since.

"My dog has not been barking because she's been recovering from serious surgery, so I think whoever dropped the note in my mailbox has got the wrong dog," she said.

"I don't know how Bindi managed to obtain the huge laceration on her chest, but it worries me that it happened so close to receiving the threatening note."


Alicia Green's dog Bindi.
Alicia Green's dog Bindi. Alicia Green

The full note reads: 

"If you don't shut your f****ing dogs up from barking all the time they will get reported, $250.00 fine for extra noisey dog's (sic).

"IF that dosn't work (sic) they will get baited and that will stop them for good.

"Please yourself which way you go.)"

Senior Constable Steven Smith of the Mackay Crime Prevention Unit said that should a dog baiting occur, the incident would be investigated, however at this stage the note is not considered a crime.

"Residents should contact their local council and report the issue so that the council can investigate and take action," he said.

"It is certainly very concerning for the resident and it is disappointing to see an adult making threats of this kind to other residents."

To make a complaint to Mackay Regional Council, click here.