Victorians turn on Dan over virus fail


Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has received global praise for managing to turn the state's deadly coronavirus second wave around.

But as Victorians embrace eased restrictions after months under a gruelling lockdown, some people are starting to survey the damage - and they aren't too happy with the premier.

Victoria again recorded zero new cases and deaths yesterday - a stunning achievement for the state that was recording hundreds of cases a day in July.

According to a new YouGov poll, commissioned by the Herald Sun in the last week of October across 1241 people, 65 per cent of Victorians were happy with the way Mr Andrews had done his job while 32 per cent were unhappy with is performance.

Victorians were also asked if it was fair for Mr Andrews to be held responsbile for  the state's bungled hotel quarantine - that was found to be the source of its devastating second wave of coronavirus - with 55 per cent saying it was completely or mostly fair for the premier to be accountable.

Forty per cent said it was not fair for the premier to be held responsible.

Still on hotel quarantine, only 12 per cent of Victorians believed Mr Andrews had been completely honest about the failure while 38 per cent said they believed the premier had been mostly honest. 

And if the state were to be hit by a third wave of coronavirus, 44 per cent of Victorians agreed the state should be locked down again while 45 per cent voted to stick with the reopening road map.

Originally published as Victorians turn on Dan over virus fail