SECRET'S OUT: CQUniversity vice chancellor Nick Klomp at today's graduation.
SECRET'S OUT: CQUniversity vice chancellor Nick Klomp at today's graduation. Mike Knott BUN150419GRAD1

Vice Chancellor: Bundaberg is Australia's hidden secret

FOUR months into his new role as vice-chancellor of CQUniversity, Professor Nick Klomp sees a bright future ahead for the Bundaberg campus and the city itself.

Professor Klomp said the Rum City could be "Australia's hidden secret” and could see great growth in coming years.

"CQUniversity is ready to develop and grow more to support the region,” he said.

"Post-secondary education in all its guises will be a really important part of the development of Bundaberg and the Wide Bay region.

"To attract and maintain new, cutting-edge industries, to realise and provide the graduates in, for example, agriculture.

"Agriculture has changed so much in the past five years, you need precision, that high-tech graduate and there's also the health industry, the need is very clear here.”

He said producing graduates that create jobs was a step to helping the issue of unemployment.

"The future is not just the graduate that can get a job, but the graduate that understands entrepreneurship and opportunity,” Prof Klomp said.

"They don't just create jobs for themselves, but they create jobs for others - that is getting exciting.”

He said there was no reason why Bundaberg couldn't be 'best in class' for tertiary education.

"I really am annoyed when people talk about regional or rural as if it would be second in class,” he said.

"Australia is a very rich country, CQUniversity is one of the best universities in terms of graduate employment and good starting salaries in the country.

"There is no reason why regional Australia should mean second class Australia, Bundaberg should be demanding the best in post-secondary education and we're prepared to give it at CQUniversity.”

The vice chancellor was in Bundaberg today for the CQUniversity Bundaberg campus graduation ceremony.

"It's a delight, graduation is so much fun, it's the fruits of all our labours,” he said.

"You never get sick of graduations.”