A SNAKE catcher has captured a 'very aggro' and 'very feisty' eastern brown snake in a couple's bedroom.

The couple initially believed it was a black snake because of its dark colouring, only to learn that it was an eastern brown - the second most venomous snake in the world - when Darryl Robinson from South Burnett Snake Catchers came to the their home in Kingaroy.

"As Darryl arrived at the call the lady went on to tell him that her husband was going to pick up the snake himself...lucky the wife with the common sense talked him out of it as it turned out to be an eastern brown snake aka a common brown snake," Christian Andersen wrote on the South Burnett Snake Catchers Facebook page.

"But it's black you say that's correct it is, and it just goes to show that the eastern brown snake can come in all colours," he continues.

"That's why it's imperative to call a professional licensed snake catcher.

"This was Darryl's first brown snake capture and in all honesty I couldn't be prouder of this bloke."

In the video, Mr Robinson can be heard describing the snake's aggressive movements and saying, "He just does not want to be caught."